Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Room 2 Swims

For the past 3 weeks we have been going swimming at Pioneer Pool. When we get to the pool we have to get ready to swim and wait on the side of the pool for our turn. It’s so exciting.

When room 3 gets out, it’s our turn, so we line up on the side of the pool and wait for our instructor. There is Scott, Crystal, Charlotte and Liz. They are helping us learn to swim.

We can all put our heads under the water. I like going under the water and picking up the penguin. We have to race to the end to find them. The first one back wins.

I can float like a starfish and use a board to kick to the end of the lane.

The best part is going into the deep part and jumping in doing a bomb. I can go deep into the pool.

We love swimming.                                    

Kiwa, Fuschia, Jacob and Josh 

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