Friday, 28 May 2010

Duffy Theatre

On Tuesday, three actors came to our school to show us why reading is awesome.
They did a show called the Duffy Show. Duffy was on a show called the big OE (Occupation Exploration). They got one person to spin the wheel. Whatever number it landed on Duffy had to learn about that occupation. First Duffy had to use his skills from reading to help understand what doctors do. Then the doctors got someone from the audience to have a brain surgery. Then someone else spun the wheel and Duffy had to do the same with learning things about Chefs. The last one was Sport Stars. The game was ping pong. Ting fon, the best ping pong player in the world vs Ding dong the second best, had one game of ping pong. Then we sung the Duffy Song.
The show was finished and then we got to say hello to the actors.

Summary: On Tuesday 3 actors came to our school and told us why reading is awesome. They played a game called the O.E. Duffy used his 9 skills to help him through the Occupations.

(Reporter Yazmin Miles-Watson)

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