Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Carving Report -Interview with Johnny Sparks Rm 11

On Monday, Mr Miles Kau Kau, a tutor in Maori Arts came to school to show children from Rooms 9, 10 and 11 how to do soap carving. First we put a piece of paper over the soap and drew over the pattern. Then when we took the paper off, we could see the pattern on the soap. Next we got a special tool and carved over the lines. We had to cut away more of the soap around the pattern we wanted.

At lunch we cut around the outside to make it stand out more. Next we smoothed it over with a chisel. We added three pieces of paua , two for our parents, and one for ourselves. We carved more patterns to show how many brothers and sisters we had. Lastly we decorated the base.

It was awesome and Miles was lots of fun. We sang heaps of Maori songs with him as we did our carving.

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