Friday, 25 March 2011

Addington Student, Role Model For All

Ahsan Ahmadi, also known as Ali, received an award in our full school assembly today. Ali is a refugee from Afghanistan,who with his family has been in New Zealand for only 8 months, received the award from the Addington Action Committee for outstanding contribution to the Addington Community, in the weeks after the 22 February earthquake. Presenting the award was Mike Peters of the Addington Action Committee and Jim Anderton MP.
After the earthquake struck, Ali got in touch with the AAC and with his Dad spent the next two weeks helping to clear rubble, dig toilets and deliver food and water to people in need.
We are all very proud of this young man, who is an inspiration and a wonderful role model. Well done Ali.

Ali was also featured in todays Christchurch Press.


  1. Have a look at this video of the Addington Action Committee, featuring Mike Peters and Ali!